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Centerville Jr. High Volleyball


    Granddaughter Taylor Felker plays for the Centerville 7th grade volleyball team.  That's her in the  center of the picture.  They beat Cambridge City 2-0.

Grade School Reunion

My sister with her teacher
Looking over old pictures

    My sister, Carole McDonald, joined me in attending the first ever reunion of students who attended McCutchanville Grade School on October 11, 2003.  Mr. William Trafton was the oldest teacher attending.  He was one of the teachers who taught us.  Carole was in the class of 1954.  I graduated in 1951.... "Not finished, just begun; McCutchanville Class of '51"... the class motto that I "borrowed" from our mother's high school class in Fort Branch!  There were around 170 attending the reunion.  The school closed n 1966... but remains a community center and fire station today.


Eight Decades of Love

     The family of Charles Love of Connersville, Indiana surprised him with a birthday party on Saturday, October 4.  He turned 80 on Sunday.

Charles Love celebrating his 80th

Charles Love & Granddaughter Julie

     It took a lot of will power for his wife, Myrtle, to keep the surprise a secret.  The party was held at the Central Christian Church in Connersville.  Relatives, who hadn't been together in one place for years, were there to help him celebrate.  Among those:  his son, Ron and daughter, Roberta.  Grandkids and great grandchildren had fun hitting the pinata.  One of his granddaughters, Julie Richardson, played 'Happy Birthday' on the piano.  He and Myrtle spent the remainder of the weekend in Danville at the home of Ron and Ann, to celebrate his 80th on Sunday with granddaughters Julie and Kathy and great granddaughter, Tori Richardson. 

Father-Son Birthdays on Same Day

Justin, joining in singing Happy Birthday

Johnny watching the bonfire

    Son-in-law Johnny Burdette and our grandson, Justin, share September 18th for their birthdays...  Johnny's 38th and Justin's 8th.  Saturday afternoon was reserved for Justin's party, while the evening was Johnny's highlighted with a bonfire at the edge of their pond.

Summer in the Pool

Riding the alligator

Grandchildren... Justin, Cameron, Emily, Elizabeth and Taylor... enjoy riding the alligator... for just a very short time!

Perennial Garden


    Our perennial garden is fading as Fall progresses.  The garden was made from the contents of our composte pile which had been developing over 12 years.  We put the garden in a far corner of our back yard... which we can view and enjoy from our family room.

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